BJJ Globetrotter travel gi (A2)

BJJ Globetrotter travel gi (A2)

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BJJ Globetrotter Travel Gi

bjj globetrotter travel gi

I’m sure you’ve heard about the BJJ Globetrotter, Christian Graugart. If not, then I suggest you take a peek at this link below to get a little bit of back story on him and his team, The BJJ Globetrotters.

Now coincidentally the team also shares the same name of this company and they have released an extremely lightweight travel gi entirely made of ripstop for you all to enjoy. The cost is $149 with free worldwide shipping (& a 100% money back guarantee) and an e-book copy of The BJJ Globetrotter by Christian Graugart. I’m not entirely sure of the details on the guarantee but it seems legit.

Christian was gracious enough to let us take a crack at it and now we’re bringing the results to you!!! For the record, this gi also comes in blue for all of the academies that only allow traditional colors.

Before we get started I want to give a special shout out to the USPS and the U.S. Customs department for the amazing job they did handling my package…

BJJ Globetrotters travel gi, bjj globetrotter travel gi


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Jacket Details

  • Super light ripstop jacket
  • Embroidered logos
  • Embroidered/woven taping
  • Sublimated Globetrotters patch
  • Silkscreen printing on inside of lapel

Pants details

  • 10 oz ripstop pants
  • Embroidered logo
  • Rope drawstring
  • 6 white belt loops
  • Embroidered/woven taping

Quick Review

The design of the BJJ Globetrotter Travel Gi is fairly minimal but definitely not traditional since the entire gi is made of ripstop material and the color of this one is grey. I want to note that the ripstop isn’t the waxy or stiff ripstop you have found in previous gis. It gives and moves with your body incredibly well. Also, this gi comes in blue for those who’s academies only want white, blue, or black gis.

The stitching is all grey but there are hits of white on the side splits of the jacket/pants, and the white belt loops/belt. It’s a subtle contrast that looks nice. Add in the Globetrotter patch that is on the front of the gi and the white embroidered airplane on the back of the gi below the collar, and it gives the gi even more character. The patch does come sewn on but it’s a single stitch that would be easy to remove.

With the entire gi being made of ripstop this thing is ridiculously light and fast drying. After I pull it out of the wash it’s mostly dry within a few hours. The collar takes a little bit longer to completely dry out but it’s way faster than a traditional gi made of weaved material. We’ve actually been tossing the travel gi in the machine dryer just to see how much it will shrink and wear over time. I’ve had this gi for two and a half months and the pictures/video you see is what the gi looks like after all that use. I could show you how good the gi looks new, but what’s the point in that?

The travel gi isn’t breaking down or fading like I assumed it would have. All the embroidery, silk screen print, and taping are holding up nicely for as much as it’s seen a dryer. I would’ve thought the screen printing would’ve faded out by now but it still looks new. Both embroidered Globetrotter logos and the airplane have not lost a stitch.

The taping impressed me a great bit. For such a small area they did a good job with the Globetrotter logo and making it look legible and decent. Usually the taping has a design of some sort and its not very detailed but this taping is pretty legit. Not scratchy in the least bit either.

The embroidery on the back of the jacket skirt is heavy and helps keep the skirt down a little bit since it’s such a light material. While on the reverse side of the jacket you can see the embroidery over the taping, I don’t really think that matters as it is on the inside of the gi.

With the entire gi being made of ripstop material I wouldn’t recommend using it as much as I have because sooner than later it will start to break down. I used the gi every other day in a steady rotation but once again, I’m also throwing it in the machine dryer as well so if you were to use it as much as I have, perhaps don’t machine dry and it will last a bit longer.

Now at first when rolling, I felt anyone and everyone could grip this gi and it was like a never ending death grip. After the first week or two though you get used to the material and the grips don’t come as easy anymore. The gi is so breathable due to the material that it’s a super cool roll/drill but when you do start sweating the gi does soak up sweat. Good thing it dries fast!

I feel for the $149 (worldwide shipping included and 100% money back lifetime guarantee) you’ll pay for this gi, especially if you travel a lot for whatever reason, the gi is entirely worth the price. Considering the e-book comes along with the gi as well, you’ll have something to read while on the plane or while you have down time from work and training. How many companies stand by their product enough to give you a 100% money back guarantee FOR LIFE??????

Even if you don’t travel you could use this gi in the Spring and Summer time when it’s unbearably hot outside and your gold weaves are just too warm. Win/win!



  • Extremely light
  • Great for travel
  • Quick drying


  • Takes a second to get used to the ability to grip

Weight of Kimono

2.6 lbs


The gi isn’t a “fitted” cut but it’s not boxy either. The armpits are cut a little bit higher than normal but it doesn’t restrict movement or anything of that nature. For me it’s noticeable but for you it might not be. Like with most gis it just depends on your body type.

I’m 5’9 and 180ish. The gi is longer on me so I would say the height maximum for an A2 would be 6’0 if you’re around 180 like me. It might even fit better if you’re lankier than me.



$149 shipped (w/ e-book “The BJJ Globetrotter”) & a 100% lifetime money back guarantee







I would best compare this to the Kauai Kimonos ripstop gi although they’re not made by the same people.

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