Battle Balm Review

Battle Balm Review

Battle Balm Review

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*** 10 reasons to use Battle Balm ***

Quick Review

If you’re like me, you’ve wanted to use or have used some form of liniment to relieve aching muscles. If you haven’t even thought about it, maybe you should. We’re gonna check out Battle Balm, a newer company to us but not exactly newer to everyone else. Their mission statement is pretty clear,

“Deliver the best all-natural pain, injury and trauma herbals to the world while reducing our environmental impact and carbon footprint.”

If you want to know more about the owner Dylan Jawahir, L.Ac.,L.M.T., then click on this little link HERE.

Now, Battle Balm comes in three different formulas in these neat little metal tins. Original strength, extra strength, and demon strength. I know, demon strength is kind of a corny name but they way they introduce it is kind of cool.

“The pains swirl inside your body like a bevy of trapped demons.  Arm yourself with Demon Strength Battle Balm® for the most stubborn of pains and release them from under your skin, exorcist style. If this can’t kick your pain’s a$$, nothing will.  Battle your pain with Battle Balm®.”

Me being a horror movie nerd I like the reference. Back on topic though. Battle Balm is used for a variety of things, but most notably used for temporary pain relief in muscles from overexertion and exercise. There are quite a few ways to use Battle Balm, Check out this link here to see 20 ways you can use the product. As a good note, Battle Balm lists their ingredients on the site for each formula so you can see exactly what’s in the product. No hidden BS and the links are right there in plain site on each products page.

I was sent the trial size Little Knockout Pack (0.5 oz tins) and I personally used Battle Balm for muscle aches and pains but also recently had my foot/ankle popped in a deep foot lock at a tournament so I used it while recovering on that as well. It does relieve pain or helps reduce it depending on how much pain/tenderness you have. Obviously if you have a break it’s not going to be the best option for you, but for rolled, bruised, or popped ankles, knees, wrists, hands, shoulders etc. it will be good to go.

I tried all three and while I like the demon strength the best for aches and bruises, the original and and extra strength I liked for smaller things like cracked heels and to open my sinuses up. I can’t hardly breathe for crap but the original was solid enough to help me breathe. Each formula has their own uses and each person’s body will react in a different way. Another cool note, there isn’t an overpowering smell like with some muscle rubs (I’m looking at you Nammans) So if that’s a reason why you didn’t want to try a muscle rub like this, now is your opportunity!!!


The application of Battle Balm is super easy. Open the tin (or use the stick), swipe your finger to get some goo and massage where it aches. Repeat a couple of times a day (depending on ache). Voila! That’s it.


Now the downside of this product to me, is cost. Especially if you use it a lot. I tried to use it sparingly so I could get the most out of the smaller tins that I received. Maybe every couple of days I would use it for minor aches (except the demon strength) just to see how long it would last. I got quite a bit of usage out of them (maybe a month), but once again I was using the least amount I possible could. I never used it to warm up my muscles before training so I could see it getting fairly costly if that’s your plan.

One justification for cost is the fact that almost all of the ingredients are organic. 95% of the ingredients to be exact. If you’ve ever been to a Whole Foods or Atkins or something like that then you know you pay more for an all natural alternative due to the fresher ingredients that most of the products contain. If you want to be sure that your product is organic, then fear not as Battle Balm is 95% organic!

I also haven’t read any reviews or instructions on how much to use, or how much is correct to use and I’m assuming it varies person to person. Perhaps Battle Balm should make a video like that!


All in all, I think it’s a good product and it does what it says. While I didn’t try out all 20 ways to use it, the ways I did try out worked exactly like they said it would. I did read a review that it didn’t work for him due to his body not taking ingredients that are in Battle Balm but not everyone is like that so grab a trial size and see if it works for you!



  • Great for sore muscles
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Non overpowering smell


  • Costly if you use it a lot




Original & Extra Strength
Full size (2 oz) – $19.95
Trial size (0.5 oz)$7.95
Stick (0.75 oz) – $12.95

Demon Strength
Full size (2 oz) – $21.95
Trial size (0.5 oz) – $8.95
Stick – (0.75 oz) $13.95

The Big Knockout Package – 3 pack Full size (2 oz) – $54.95
The Little Knockout Package – 3 pack Trial size (0.5 oz) – $23.95







Could be compared to Tiger Balm, Namman Muay Thai Liniment in terms of usage and product effectiveness, minus the strong smells.

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