Arm Bar Soap – Original Potion

Arm Bar Soap – Original Potion

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Original Potion by The Arm Bar Soap Company

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I’m sure you’ve seen the Arm Bar Soap logo around the competition circuit. Loads of top BJJ Talent are wearing the mark on the gi’s.

If you’ve been reading my site for a little bit then I’ve sure you’ve seen our reviews of their bar soaps. (If not you can read it HERE)

This time we’re bringing you the newest product from The Arm Bar Soap Company, their Original Potion liquid soap. A change from their popular bars of soap, their liquid soap took some time to get just right, and Chad Hospodar wouldn’t release it until it was perfect.

I know what most of you are going to say, “Why can’t I just buy the cheap stuff from whatever super market I go to?”

Well you can and that’s your right to, but why not support a company that supports BJJ? True it will cost a little extra but in turn you’re helping out people who share the same passion as you do, not some faceless company who could in all honesty give two craps about you.

The choice for me is pretty clear when it comes to showering after class.

What’s it like?

The Original Potion is a thin consistency at first, but after you shake the bottle for a second or two it thickens up a bit and spreads easily over a loofah. I mainly use loofah’s for liquid soap as they’re a lot easier to use as opposed to a wash cloth, in my experience.

I asked Chad about this and here is his response –

I decided to stay on the less-viscous side.  The reason being is because we use a naturally derived thickening agent in the body wash that is used to hold all of the ingredients together. Now, If we added any more to the body wash it would have been a higher percentage than all the essential oils and this is something I wanted to avoid, at least for the first couple runs.  I really look forward to seeing if people prefer the thicker product. If the customers prefer the thicker formula, we will absolutely go with that.  We like to shape our products around our customer feedback.

The suds stay in the loofah well but when on the body rinse off easily.

The texture of the soap reminds me of an apricot exfoliating scrub for your face. I’m not sure if any of you have used that before but the color, consistency, and coarseness of the Original Potion matches the Apricot Scrub almost to a “T”. The feeling of exfoliation all over the body is tingly, and leaves the body feeling fresh. (reminds me of their Peppermint batch, opens the pores a tad)

The scent of the Original Potion is a mixture of peppermint and a slight smell of tea tree oil. It’s an odd but strong combination of smells. The wife didn’t really like it that much at first but now she’s used to it and doesn’t mind.


How Long will it last? Is it worth the price?

I got around 40 uses in this bottle. For the size of this bottle that’s a pretty freaking good amount of showers. My personal opinion is the price is definitely worth it but not everyone will have the same opinion or use the soap in the same amount that I did.

Number of showers will vary but you should get at least 25 uses from it depending on amount used.

If you’re a fan of liquid soaps tailored towards BJJ then I suggest you snag this up when it’s back in stock.



A clear 8 fl. oz bottle with labels on each side.




The main description from the Arm Bar Soap website reads;

Infused with local ground walnut shells, our original fungus-fighting “5-oil blend”, and made without any Parabens or Sulfates, our special blend is 100% safe for even the most sensitive skin and formulated to keep you on the mat.

The back label reads the entire ingredient list.


Single Bottle: 9.95
Two pack: 18.95
Three Pack: 26.95
4 pack: 34.95
5-pack: 42.95
6-pack: 48.95
10 pack: $79.95
12 pack: $89.95



All in all I think the Original Potion is a good buy, especially if you get into the higher quantity packs. If you think about it, 12 bottles for $90 translates to $7.50 a bottle and should last you almost a full year. That sounds like a good deal to me.

The bottle can last you a full month (depending on amount used) and leaves the skin feeling refreshed. Try it out and let us know how you feel!!!

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