Albino and Preto Gi Review – Batch 1

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The Grapplers Review Albino and Preto gi review. A1

I just wanted to post some pictures/measurements before I head to class and some initial first thoughts after combing over this gi. First impression on it is i’m not that impressed. Sub par stitching, big pants that feel like the SYR comp 450 pants (they’re probably gonna shrink a ton the first wash, just my first guess). The gi is super light though with a nice thick collar. It’s not hard but a soft collar so we’ll see how that goes. I’ll give more details after class.

**Initial thoughts, I was super stoked to have these gi’s considering the limited amount they were being sold in. Only as I opened up the white one and started looking things over I was slowly disappointed the more I looked over it. From miscut patches, to sub par stitching, to numerous long threads that were poorly done, and to the sleeve that looks to be miscut and thrown on there just to get it out of the factory.

albino and preto gi review

The jacket – where as the cut of the gi is super tight in the arms, it barely leaves your opponent to grab anything at all. The jacket closes nicely around my waist and without washing it the perfect fit. I’m waiting to wash it or roll in it until I can hear from A&P regarding the quality issues.

The taping on the bottom of the skirt and the inside of the sleeve cuffs is nice and soft and not scratchy like the SYR compadre and batch 6 taping. It has a decent skirt length to it and nice beefy but soft collar. Hopefully it holds up good and isn’t easily manipulated. This jacket literally feels like a t shirt it’s that light. Despite the stitching and quality issues it would be a great jacket.




 The Pants – I am very, very weary of the pants. They feel almost exactly like the SYR comp 450 pants. They’re super light and I’m afraid in the wash they will shrink like no other.

They’re baggy but at the same time very comfortable. If they were stitched better and a little bit slimmer cut they would be great. They have a nice length to them and a pearl weave gusset. The knee pads are possibly a pearl weave and are a tad thin. The taping is also very soft and not scratchy. Hopefully these don’t shrink in the wash as I like how long they are now.


Considering the “only 50 will be sold to the public” statement form Albino & Preto I feel as if this gi should have been made a hell of a lot better than this. Maybe I got the 1 out of 50 that was a dud or maybe more of these gi’s will surface being sub par as people read this and start looking over their gi’s. I will look over my black one with a fine tooth comb and I’m hoping that it was not made this poorly. I won’t be able to wear it or wash it until I hear from the company so I can’t give you shrinking measurements Post-Wash. Off to train now.

This is indeed a slimmer cut. The sleeve cuffs almost feel illegal they’re so tight. This is a super light feeling gi and comfortable. Its about a 100$ gi though. And due to the stitching and patch miscuts I looked even closer and it also seems like on the right sleeve it was sewn weird and off centered. I haven’t opened my black one yet but ill be contacting A&P over the white one.

I have contacted A&P over the gi and they never got back to any of the emails or facebook posts. Terrible customer service and i’m not the only one with this problem. Funny how this company hasn’t been heard from since the gi’s release.

Go on, take the money and run

Albino and Preto Gi Review

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