Adidas Quest Gi Review

Adidas Quest Gi Review

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Adidas Quest Gi Review

questComes in white, blue, or black.

Jacket Details

  • 600 GSM Pearl Weave
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Embroidered stripes
  • Soft inside lining
  • Synthetic heat resistant lapel insert (rubber collar)

Pants details

  • 12 oz denim cotton
  • Embroidered stripes
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Braided nylon drawstring
  • Six Belt loops
  • Embroidered logos & stripes

Quick Review

Out of the four Adidas Gi’s I’ve reviewed, the Quest is my favorite. It’s heavier than normal but feels light, hard to grip, and has a beefy collar. The material is course on the outer portion but soft on the inside. I’m not sure if it’s IBJJF legal due to the three short stripes on the sleeve cuffs but if it’s legal I would wear at every comp. The construction of this gi is a monster. All seams are reinforced with solid stitching that’s not out of place or loose anywhere on the gi. Since this gi was my favorite one I really nitpicked the stitching to see if there was any weak spots.

The design is fairly minimal with three smaller Adidas logos embroidered (one on the jacket, and two on the pants) and three stripes embroidered onto the jacket sleeve and pant cuffs. I’m not sure if the stripes make this gi legal for the IBJJF though. Still haven’t gotten word back from them but it still depends on the gi checker that day anyway. The material is already a beast to grab but the stripes definitely help with people not setting grips.

Taping is the same non scratchy woven Adidas Jiu-Jitsu taping as the other Adidas models. All reinforcements are standard and don’t stray away from anything unnecessary.

The jacket boasts a 600 GSM pearl weave but honestly it doesn’t feel that heavy. It is a little stiff at first but softens up quite a bit. Especially since it’s been thrown in the dryer after every wash and dry since I’ve had it over the course of how many months. Barely any shrinkage came from the top and bottom, I would say an inch max overall, in some places it was even less.

The pants are a heavier and extremely durable denim type of cotton. They feature six white belt loops with red stitching to hold them on, and a nylon braided rope that is the bee’s knee’s. I expressed my excitement with the rope in the last Adidas review and this one is no different.

The knee pads are an extra layer of denim cotton that are sewn in a rounded square pattern that has a diamond stitch in the middle of them.

I really can’t express how good the quality of this gi is. I train in this gi more than any other one I have at the moment I love this thing that much. It’s super comfortable and great to roll in. It’s slightly heavier than other gis so if you’re borderline on weight I probably wouldn’t try to weigh in with this gi. Better to save the Quest for the change after your first match.

It’s $185 for this gi, and I realize that a lot of companies are cheaper since there’s a ton of companies out there, but I feel the price is justified for this specific gi due to it’s quality. Just because a gi is cheaper doesn’t mean it’s quality is better, and just because a gi is more expensive doesn’t mean it’s quality is better ya dig? I personally think you would think the price is justified for this gi and I don’t really say that often for more expensive gis. My recommendation is to grab one if you can. If you don’t like the price, try to find one on the second market for a cheaper price. I bet you’ll love it though and you’ll want to get more. Adidas has sales every so often so that could be your in to get it for a price that is easier on your wallet.


  • Thick collar
  • Super sturdy construction
  • Hard to grip


  • Cost
  • Perhaps too hot for some?

Weight of Kimono

4 lbs


White – $185

Blue – $190

Black – $190









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