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Adidas Contest Gi Review (A2)


White comes with blue stripes, blue comes with black stripes, and black comes with white stripes.

Superior Strength, Durability & Performance. With this gi, Adidas Jiu Jitsu delivers the durability of a double weave and the breath-ability of a single weave. The “Contest” gives you the tactical edge you need. For superior strength, durability and maneuverability the contest is perfect for daily training. Comes with Unique Laser Adidas stitching- only type in the BJJ community. Pre-shrunk cotton/poly blend. The pants are also preshrunk 60/40 cotton-poly blend. Direct embroidery on the pants and jacket. Comes with a free Adidas Satin carry Bag!



Jacket Details

  • 550 GSM pearl weave
  • Reinforced chest, upper back, and shoulders
  • Tailored Multi-Piece Anterior and Single Back Paneling
  • Three stripes running down the arms


Pants details

  • 12 oz drill cotton
  • 6 belt loops
  • Braided nylon drawstring
  • Reinforced seams
  • three stripes running down the legs


Quick Review

To me the Contest gi from Adidas is a step up from their Response kimono, and features a super soft 550 Pearl weave jacket with 12 oz drill cotton pants. It comes in white, blue, or black and the price point is different on each model.

The gi comes in a pretty slick sling style of bag with what looks like vinyl pressed graphics on it. It’s a larger bag and can fit your gi, shorts, rash guard, and smaller items like a mouth guard and tape.

The gi itself is extremely soft and feels a light. The pearl weave is a looser weave which gives it the soft feeling and also absorbs sweat a little bit more than the tighter pearl weave. The most notable design feature are the three fabric stripes that are sewn under the collar and go all the down the sleeves to the cuffs. Tell me you don’t feel like Run DMC when you wear this gi… While the stripes are a little scratchy, it looks like the stripes can easily be taken off to make the Contest gi IBJJF Legal. I haven’t experimented with it yet but I will be doing that soon and will give a follow up video for you all to see.

The gi has minimal embroidery, only four gold Adidas logos to be exact (two on the jacket, two on the pants) and all embroidery was done very well. The inner taping on the jacket and pant cuffs, along with the jacket skirt is folded over real proper and isn’t scratchy.

The jacket has your typical reinforcements and doesn’t seem to have anything extra that I could find in that department. The triple reinforcement that runs along the inseam and gusset of the pants is SUPER tight and folded over with care. This area is usually sloppy looking with threads sticking out or thrown on there and sewn over but not on this gi. All of the triple stitched reinforcements that are pretty standard across all kimono brands are good, but the stitching quality is what sets this gi apart from others.

The pants have the same three stripe pattern as the jacket, they run from the side split reinforcement down to the pant cuffs. Once again they look easy to take off if you choose so. The six belt loops are held up by a fantastic nylon braided rope that is quite possibly the best functional rope I’ve come across. There’s only been one other pant rope that performed as well as this one, and I would say that one was better because it had a sleeker design to it. Only reason though.

The knee pads are made of extra canvas material and have a red diamond stitch pattern in the middle of them. You don’t see this often and while it doesn’t seem to give it an edge performance wise, it gives it a solid aesthetic.

As for the side split reinforcement, it’s on the outside of the pants like the other models from Adidas and I still don’t know why. Not a con or pro, just pointing it out again.

In the end, the only real complaint I can give you is the price. Even though the quality of this gi is pretty freaking good, you have to consider it’s not IBJJF legal due to the stripes so $195 is a lot to fork out for a gi you can’t use in the major tournaments if you wanted to. I personally love the Adidas line of gis and recommend them all the time for people to use but I do realize that a couple of their models are pricey. If you’re not comfortable with the price, then I suggest trying to find one on the second market as these gis are built to last and you won’t be disappointed.



  • Soft
  • Lightweight
  • Great construction


  • Price is high for the black one
  • Not IBJJF legal with the stripes

Weight of Kimono



White – $161

Blue – $178

Black – $195








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