Adidas Champion Gi Review (A2)

Adidas Champion Gi Review (A2)

Adidas Champion Gi Review (A2)

I want to start off by saying this is NOT the Adidas Champion Judo kimono. This is the JJ601 Champion BJJ gi. I know that could be confusing to some but I wanted to clarify that first and foremost.

Adidas is making a strong comeback in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by releasing a new line of kimonos with the help of creative director Mike Dytri and the face of the BJJ side, Clark Gracie. With the new line comes a new look but with the same traditional styling if that makes sense. Adidas has been in the game a long time and I for one am stoked to be able to review this gi as well as the others in their collection.

Here is the video version of the review, which is slightly less detailed than the written portion below so use them together to make an informed opinion on the Adidas Champion gi.


Jacket Details

  • IBJJF approved
  • 550 Gram Pearl weave
  • One piece construction
  • Classic design
  • Embroidered logos (two, on on each shoulder)
  • Extra Stiff Synthetic heat resistant collar

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Pants details

  • IBJJF approved
  • 8oz Rip-stop pants
  • Double reinforced knee padding
  • Reinforced seams
  • 6 Drawstring loops
  • Braided nylon rope drawstring

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Quick Review

I’ve been using the Adidas Champion gi for about three months now I think. I’ve washed and machine dried the gi the entire time I’ve had them and while it is faded, I don’t see any abnormal wear and tear. All four of the Adidas gis that I have been using are holding up great. The design style of the Champion is a straight forward, no nonsense style with no contrast stitching and it only has two visible Adidas logos on the jacket, and two Adidas logos on the pants along with the three stripes that are on the thigh. The overall quality of this gi is great for the time we’ve had it and I don’t really see it breaking down anytime soon.

Now if you’re borderline on weight for a comp, I wouldn’t recommend using this gi for that tournament as it is a bit heavier than the lightweight gis that are on the market today. I personally would use this gi for a tournament due to its rough material and how easy it is to break grips.

The bag that comes with it is made of a silky material and is a shoulder sling style of bag that is long enough it will fit your folded up gi, and a little bit more. Probably a rash guard, compression shorts, ear guards, and misc items like tape, wallet, keys, etc. The graphics feel like a vinyl material that was pressed onto the bag. Good quality overall for the bag.

The jacket feels like it is made to last. The outer material is rough and perfect for breaking grips and making your opponent uncomfortable. A lot of gis coming out are in the 450gsm or below range, this one is a little bit heavier at 550gsm but don’t let that discourage you from trying it. The weight isn’t really noticeable except in how stiff the gi is at first. It does soften up with continued use of course, but the coarseness of the material is still going after all this time. The two Adidas logos that are on the shoulders are embroidered well and are the only branding that is really on the gi top.

The pants are made of ripstop and feel like the jacket when it comes to quality and durability. They’re listed as 8oz ripstop but they feel heavier than that. It’s not an overbearing weight but it definitely feels heavier than what’s listed.

The braided nylon rope stays tied without a double knot and that’s always a good thing. One thing we want to note is the side split reinforcement material is on the outside of the pants, instead of the inside. I’m not sure why it is like this but then again I don’t see any signs of weakness in the design of it. The knees also have a diamond stitch pattern stretching across the pad/reinforcement material. Once again, no signs of distress or extra wear on the design.

The end result is a gi that is pretty freaking solid when it comes to using it for competition or training. The price is a bit higher than the average but it’s not the most expensive gi on the market nor will it ever be. We’re glad we got the opportunity to review this gi and if you’ve got the extra cash to pick up this gi, give it a try because we think you’ll be happy with your purchase.


  • Durable construction
  • Fits various body types
  • Training or competition gi
  • Easy grip breaks
  • Rough outer material


  • Price is higher than average (not the highest though)
  • Skirt is longer than I’m used to (Not a con really)

Weight of Kimono

4 lbs




5’5’’ – 5’8’’  A2 is the size variability that is listed on the site but you could very well be 6’0 and fit this gi as long as you didn’t dry it. I am 180lbs and the gi is not restrictive at all, I could very easily be 170 or 190 and the gi would still fit great. Not a competition cut, but not extremely loose either.

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