93 Brand Citizen Fight Shorts

93 Brand Citizen Fight Shorts

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Our friends over at Martial Arts Supplies sent us the 93 Brand Citizen Fight Shorts to have a look at and put through the ringer. As much as we love the Gi, we also love No Gi as well. Anything grappling related we love actually.

If you don’t know who Martial Arts Supplies is, you should probably head on over to their site because they’re one of the top sites for awesome gear!!!

You can purchase these shorts HERE @ MAS.com



  • Sublimated graphics
  • Lightweight stretch panel across crotch gusset
  • Partially elastic waistband
  • Stretch fabric body
  • Reinforced split side seams
  • Slim profile waist closure
  • Internal drawstring
  • Rubber like Gripping waist lining
The design of the Citizen shorts is loud but not overly loud if that makes sense. The grey sublimated designs are perfectly done and the black gusset/side split give it a nice contrast to the white material. “Position/Submission” is a great slogan that is also featured on the left/front of the shorts and a giant 93 Brand Jiu Jitsu logo is on the back left of the shorts.
They’ve added a rubber grip waistband (that I first saw on the Tatami Estilo 4.0 Pre Production Model) to help ensure that they don’t ride up or get pulled down while wearing them.
***If you notice they waistband is wavy, that is my fault. I put them in the dryer and forgot to adjust the heat setting and that is the result. A wavy waistband. It doesn’t effect the performance or durability (so far) of the waistband. When I first got them they were straight with no waves. Sorry 93 Brand, my fault. ***



The Citizen shorts have a normal velcro enclosure that is seen on most shorts with one small difference.


The velcro strap going across the shorts is a bit longer than other shorts. I’m not sure if this will ensure a longer life of the velcro or not. Only time can really tell for this but at this time to me it seems that it won’t last long. While the stitching seems sturdy to me, the velcro itself doesn’t. It almost feels too long and flimsy.




They’ve added great reinforcements all around the bottom, side split, and seams.


The material they’ve reinforced the bottom of the shorts and side split is a great touch and reminds me of kimono reinforcements. I like how on the inside of the shorts, the stretchy gusset is actually “tucked in” the material that is reinforcing the bottom of the shorts instead of stopping and starting around it.


The seams are round over stitched (I know that’s not the name, sounds good though) and feel super sturdy.

Fit & Rolling

Shorts for me vary when it comes to size. Some medium shorts are looser and I need the ties to make it a secure fit and some don’t. These are the latter. They’re tight enough to not fall down while rolling (I don’t need the ties) but loose enough to not irritate the skin with the grip waistband.


The shorts are really light but the material feels thicker than the light material suggests. I love how they’re slightly above the knee as well.

I have thicker thighs and when rolling the shorts are a little tight on the outside and in the pocket area where the hip/thigh meets. After a minute or two the shorts will slightly ride up the leg and the tightness goes away. While the stretchy material gives way a little bit, not enough for it to not be restrictive.

There is no ride up/down from the waist though due to the grip waistband they have added.

When playing guard the stretchy gusset makes it easy to open up the legs for an inverted position/berimbolo. When standing passing though I do need to slightly pull the legs up to have a greater range of motion and not feel restrictive. I’m a little bummed about that because I do love the shorts.


Final Conclusions

Price Point:

The Citizen shorts from 93 Brand are at a comparable price point to any other leading shorts brand sitting at $59.99. Their quality is superb and their construction rivals, if not tops a lot of other shorts due to their added reinforcements/waistband in my opinion.

I believe this is their first offering for shorts and in my opinion, they’re a good intro short but could be improved a bit in the leg room department. If you have thicker thighs, perhaps you should go up a size and use the drawstring to help the waist band but I’m not sure that would be a comfortable fit because of the rubber insert.

The design of the shorts won’t be for everyone, but like I said previously they’re loud but not too loud. It’s a happy medium for me and I have no problems with the design.

I believe if you have thinner/”normal” thighs I would recommend these shorts for you. If you have thicker thighs though like me I would say to pass on them unless you don’t mind pulling up your shorts once or twice in a five minute roll or go up a size and risk being too lose.

If you want to purchase these shorts you can get them HERE from MARTIAL ARTS SUPPLIES

93 Brand

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