31/Fifty The Mano Highlight

31/Fifty The Mano Highlight

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31 Fifty mano review

Travel here to visit the 31Fifty Web Store…

Or you can go HERE to Fighters Market who still have some sizes in stock

31Fifty  The MANŌ

31Fifty has been around since 2009 and have put forth a lot of simple yet good designs on T shirts. After much R&D this is their introduction into the kimono world and is entitled “The MANŌ“.

MANŌ means Shark in Hawaiian. The Sharks represent NorCal, one of the densest populations of BJJ in the U.S. 

“I am a shark, the mat is my ocean…”

I was excited to get this gi as I’ve known about it’s production for some time now and couldn’t wait to see it. Derek and I had talked a lot about the gi and the sizing of it, he said that I would be borderline A1/A1L but that he’s gotten feedback from testers that the A1 was the same size as a popular brand, so I went with the A1 based on D’s feedback.

I was disappointed when I got it though as the sleeves were shorter than feedback provided and were borderline legal for me before wash. I was afraid to wash it for the fear of it shrinking even an inch, thus me not being able to wear it. I immediately contacted Derek and asked if I could exchange it for an A1L but he said that he didn’t have the stock to exchange, but he would put the word out on FB to see if anyone had an extra. (as an update, I misconstrued Dereks statement when he said he didn’t have stock to exchange. He could have exchanged for a new A1, but didn’t have the popular size of A1L which I needed.)

It’s been a little bit and I still haven’t had any luck finding someone to trade with so I can’t actually review this gi, but I can detail the kimono in pictures for you. Here is our 31FiftyThe MANŌ” highlight.


  • Super lightweight
  • Extremely soft
  • Thick stiff collar
  • Good embroidery
  • Good design
  • Soft taping


  • Slightly shorter sleeves than other A1’s (in my experience)
  • Not enough stock to exchange for new size (For A1L, I misconstrued the statement)
  • A few wavy stitching lines (More visual and standard with contrast stitched kimonos)


Jacket Details

  • White 450 GSM Pearl Weave Top
  • Teal Contrast Stitching
  • Triple Reinforced at all Stress Points
  • EVA Foam Collar
  • Embroidered Logos
  • Non Scratchy Custom taping

Pants Details

  • 10 oz White Drill Cotton Pants
  • Teal Contrast stitching
  • Reinforced Knees
  • 6 Point Belt loop system
  • Non Scratchy Custom taping

The MANŌ seems like a well made gi despite having a few off course aesthetic stitching lines. It’s extremely light feeling and quite soft as well. The teal stitching and teal/gold logos that accompany the gi make for a great design. The collar is stiff and the taping is not scratchy in the slightest bit.

The jacket cuffs, skirt, and pant cuffs have four rows of reinforcement stitching. The embroidery on the 31Fifty logos on the arms are very well done besides a weird colored spot in the corner (Picture elaborates but I think it’s just a dirty spot honestly) ***It was just dirt as I took a wet wash cloth and dabbed it off*** I like how they had “Jiu Jitsu” on one arm and “For the People” on the other. Very clever 31Fifty…very clever.

As for other clever design ideas, 31Fifty put the size/company tag on the inside of the right lapel rather than below the neckline.(Pictures shown) It’s a subtle design touch but a good one IMO. The company tag on the bottom of the collar is also a good design!

I haven’t seen anything on this kimono that would lead me to believe it wouldn’t last. It has one aesthetic negative mark against it, that being the wonky stitching in a couple of places, but then again a lot of gi’s with contrast stitching have that problem. The stitching on the collar though is very straight and even all throughout.

Structurally it seems like a solid kimono, I’m tempted to wash it and see how it shrinks but I might wait another week or two in hopes of finding someone to trade Jackets with.

It’s competitively priced at $164.95 (with free shipping) and is limited so if you like The MANŌ design then pick yourself up one (or two) quick from the 31Fifty or Fighters Market website. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to fully review this gi soon.

31 Fifty

31 Fifty mano review