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31Fifty Freedom Fighter

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31Fifty is a California based company who have been around the Jiu Jitsu scene for quite a while and have slowly been making more and more waves with their two kimono releases, the Mano and the Freedom Fighter. We got a chance to have a detailed look at both of these kimonos, but this time we’re checking out their second release titled the Freedom Fighter.

The effort behind this kimono is dedicated to the people who serve their communities and countries world wide, the Freedom Fighters of the world.


Jacket Details

  • 450 GSM pearl weave
  • Blue w/ red stitching and contrast
  • Embroidered logos
  • Woven taping
  • Custom digital camouflage neck yoke


Pants Details

  • 10 oz drill pants
  • Blue w/ red contrast
  • Pearl weave gusset
  • Reinforced Knees
  • Woven taping

Quick Review

31Fifty has released an IBJJF approved gi that is made up of a combination of a 450gsm jacket and 10oz drill cotton pants. It has a design of blue material with red stitching/contrast and features embroidery, a large woven lapel patch, sublimated digital camouflage neck yoke and woven taping, and sturdy reinforcements.

The jacket, after a few washes and machine dries, is one of the better fitting jackets I’ve come across since reviewing. It’s got a great length of skirt and sleeves while not being overly baggy or too restricting in the rest of the jacket. The quality of the embroidery is fantastic, and the collar is firm with a nice medium thickness.

The pants are a tad longer than I’m used to, and with them being tight in the hips and rear area, I was afraid to try to shrink them. While they’re tight in those areas, the waist is rather loose. Now this is the only thing that I can say negative about the gi and it’s not even 31Fifty’s fault, I just have a big ass and thighs. The quality of the pants is superb in my opinion.

If you like the style of 31Fifty I highly suggest you pick this bad boy up. If you buy it from the 31Fifty website it’s $164.95 and they give you free shipping in the US on orders over $100 so to me, that’s a pretty moderate price and is on par with a lot of companies out right now. The overall quality of the gi is pretty great and is a good competitor out there to the top of the gi world’s companies.



  • Medium weight
  • Durable
  • Great fitting jacket
  • Great quality


  •  Pants are tight around the hip/rear for me


Weight Of Kimono: 4lbs


Where to buy












More Detailed Review

Gi Bag

The Freedom Fighter comes in a dual drawstring, backpack style of gi bag and features a sublimated 31/50 logo and the words “United States of Jiu-Jitsu” text below that. The bag is blue in color and feels like a nylon material.


Jacket Details

The Freedom Fighter is made of a blue 450 gsm pearl weave and has red stitching and contrast. The color combination of blue and red is one of my favorite combos for a kimono.

The EVA foam collar is covered in blue drill cotton and has very straight red stitching on the outside. As with a few of the gi’s I’ve gotten recently, the outside of the collar has great stitching and is almost perfect but on the inside it is a little wavy. The stitching is secure though, and the wavy aspect on the inside is purely aesthetic even though no one will see the inside of the collar.


There are three spots of branding on the outside of this kimono top.


1. The left lapel area has a large woven patch that is blue in color and has “31FIFTY” in white letters. The lapel patch measures 26cm long by slightly under 8 cm wide.

2. On each of the sleeves, there is embroidery of the 31Fifty logo. Each sleeve has a different saying under the logo though, the right sleeve reads “JIU-JITSU” while the left sleeve reads “FOR THE PEOPLE”. The embroidery is pretty spot on but because of the logo and how it’s embroidered, is a little rigid. It has softened up a lot over the course of washes though and is not near as stiff as it was originally.

3. The bottom part of the collar features a small brand tag


The woven taping that accompanies this jacket is featured on the sleeve cuffs and bottom of the skirt. The design is of a red, white, and blue digital camouflage. The sleeve cuff taping is secured by three rows of red stitching while the skirt taping is secured by two rows of red stitching.

The taping looks like it has been folded over and is not scratchy in the least bit, it’s pretty soft actually.

The bottom of the jacket skirt, on the outside, has a layer of blue drill cotton that measures almost 3cm high and is secured by four rows of red contrast stitching. Due to the machine dry shrinkage, it has caused the stitching to go wavy just a little bit. Nothing too drastic though.


The inside neck yoke is a sublimated design of red, white, and blue digital camouflage. It is tucked under the collar but also is double stitched at the bottom with red stitching.


Normally you would find the size tag on the neck yoke area directly centered under the collar. Not on this gi. Here the size tag is on the inside of the lower right lapel. The tag measures 11 cm high by 8 cm wide. The tag line is “high quality kimonos crafted for activists who train for a better world.


As for reinforcements, they are your standard that you will see on most kimonos. Triple stitched arm sleeve/chest seam. The side split reinforcement varies between gi companies but you will either see a triangle or a square/rectangle reinforcement. The Freedom Fighter features the triangle version and has blue stitching.


Pants Details


The Freedom Fighters pants are made of thicker 10 oz drill cotton and featuring red/white contrast to them.


The pants feature six red belt loops that hold up the pants with a white braided stretchy rope. All of the loops are barely large enough to fit two of my fingers (Index/middle, or middle/ring) inside them.


The side vent is covered in a red cotton material, and is secured with one line of stitching.

There is a square reinforcement of blue material on the inside of the side vent, and is secured by two rows of red stitching in a square pattern.


There are three spots of branding on the Freedom Fighter pants and all are woven patches.


1. On the right hip flexor/quad area there is a rectangle patch with that is white and red in color. It measures 5cm wide x 7.5 cm and has the 3150 kimonos logo.

2. On the left hip flexor/quad area there is another rectangle patch that is blue, black, red, and white in colors. The patch measures 14.5 cm long x 6 cm.

3. Right below the left knee pad is a small red patch with white letters that reads 31FIFTY


The pant cuffs feature a layer of woven taping that is the same as the jacket. Red, white, and blue digital camouflage and is secured by three rows of red stitching.

The pant cuffs themselves are reinforced with four rows of red stitching.


The knee pads were made of another layer of material from the pants. They measure 14 inches in length and have 7 rows of red stitching.


All reinforcements are typically standard (Triple stitched inseam running through the gusset up the crotch/back seam, triangle reinforcement on the crotch/seat)



The jacket fits more like a Moya Brand gi jacket, only it would be an A1 sized Moya and this is an A1L 31Fifty. The pants though, are more slim than a Moya.

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